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Subject: Accessibility Rebate

Number: 2.2

Coverage: Staff & Public

Approved by: ADPC, Council, & CAO

Effective Date : February 5, 2007

Revision Date:


The following policy outlines the provision of a rebate of a portion of building permit fees for renovations of existing commercial property that include barrier free design features, to encourage development that is accessible to all.


In this policy ‘barrier free design’ means a design feature that provides access to a building to a person with a disability who would not otherwise have access to the building.  For greater certainty such features include, but are not limited to: Barrier free parking spaces, ramps, lifts and elevators, automated doors, barrier free washrooms, and way-finding cues.

Policy Statement

1.0)       Eligibility

1.1)       To be eligible for a rebate the developer must be seeking a permit for a project that:

a)             is in the town limits;

b)            is a non-residential use;

c)             is a renovation of an existing structure;

d)            Includes at least one barrier free feature that improves access to the development for a person with a disability.

2.0)       Procedure

2.1)       When applying for a building permit, the applicant must include the estimated cost of all barrier free features in their application.

2.2)       The rebate shall be issued after construction is completed and the building inspector is satisfied that the construction meets the barrier free design standards of the National Building Code.

3.0)       Rebate

3.1)       For renovations where the value of construction of barrier free design features makes up at least 75% of the total construction value for the project, the entire building permit fee shall be rebated.

3.2)       For renovations where the cost of the barrier free design features make up less than 75% of the total project cost, the portion of the building permit fee associated with the barrier free features shall be rebated (e.g. for a $20,000 renovation that includes an estimated $5,000 for barrier free features, $20 of the $95 fee shall be rebated).

3.3)       Building permit rebates do not include the $15 development permit fee applicable to all permits.


National Research Council of Canada - National Building Code of Canada

Town of Middleton - Policy G.2.1. Fees - ADPC


THIS IS TO CERTIFY that this policy was duly
passed by a majority vote of the whole Council
at a duly called Council meeting held on the 5th
day of February, 2007.

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